Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Calling in the cavalry

Had the missionaries over tonight and they brought a regular member with them. He was someone who was a little more well versed in the Bible. The conversation got a little more pointed than normal, especially when speaking to the local member. I am guessing he was a former bishop, because he was fairly well versed in some of the arguments, but as we dug deeper into the priesthood it became pretty clear that he wasn't that familiar with Hebrews and the covenants. He was a little irate with me at times, so I may have overdone it but he was a bit smarmy. I saw him talking for some time with the missionaries outside after our visit, so I am worried that he was warning them to not come back.

I am afraid I was a little heavy handed tonight, a little too quick to come back on every comment. My impulse when I get challenged it to jump on the person with both feet, which isn't the right way to witness of course. I ended up speaking way more to the member than to the missionaries, and I hardly expected to sway the lifelong adult. My hope is to plant the seed of the Gospel in the hearts of these young men so that when they leave their missions they are encouraged to dig deeper into God's Word and see who Christ truly is. We did get a commitment to come back in two weeks, and I really want to give them the chance to talk more so we don't completely spook them. If they don't come back we lose the chance to keep up the dialogue, so I am praying that they will be back. We are due for a switch so I am expecting that the one missionary won't be back but the other one will with a new companion, so we have a chance to talk to a new person.

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Jessicasheley said...

Wow... such a precarious balance, isn't it? Trying to speak the truth and refute the error while not being so "heavy handed" that it stalls future discussions.

I hope and pray they will come back. Thank you for holding forth the Word of Life - God's Word will not return void. Keep planting those seeds. We may not see the results until heaven.