Saturday, September 13, 2008

Interesting conversation

The missionaries came over tonight, we had a very nice conversation. The spiel has changed some since we left, the one missionary was very open up front about the nature of God, etc. The little handouts they give out now even speaks highly of Martin Luther and John Calvin! But the old missionary lesson plan seems to be out of style. A lot of their talking points are still pretty much rote memorization, so when they started in on the party line I tried to switch to personal conversation to break the train and then get back to digging deeper into what they were saying, without spooking them too much. They didn't even try to give us a Book of Mormon.

They did seem to be caught off-guard when I brought up Hebrews 1 telling us that God no longer speaks through prophets. I was trying to not hammer them on stuff, but I was able to give them a good overview of the nature of man, sin, of justification.

I am hoping they will come back so I can engage them in a conversation about the priesthood, why it is not a requirement to be an apostle or elder, why there is no record of any of the early Christians holding it and why the need for a human priesthood has been done away with. That should lead to a conversation on the office of prophet. Pray for these young men and all the young men and women that are out there unknowingly spreading a false gospel.


Soy Yo said...

Having just left Mormonism and starting to study and find new beliefs, I would like to see your information about the Priesthood you speak about it, especially why the need for a human priesthood has been done away with. Email me the references if you don’t mind so I can take a look at the evidence for that.

Arthur Sido said...

Hey Soy Yo, I will put my thoughts together and email you tomorrow. Is it OK if I post them in the comment section as well? I was planning on doing a whole post on the unneccesary nature of the restored priesthood, but that is going to take some time.