Thursday, September 25, 2008

Very fruitful conversation

We had a great conversation on Tuesday with the mormon missionaries. I used the pamphlet they left the last time to ask a couple of general questions, "The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" and then it was on. I asked them right away about the Aaronic priesthood and focused the questions on what the function of the Levitical priesthood was. I got them to agree that the Aaronic priesthood was the restoration of the same priesthood as that held by the Levites, which is important and is pretty clear given that the restoration allegedly came from John the Baptist whose dad was a Levite etc. Once I had gotten their agreement on that (and it is vital to make sure you have agreement on definitions), I asked them if they knew what the function of the Levitical priesthood was in the Old Testament. They didn't really have a good answer, so I explained from the OT what the Levites did. I then took the to the NT and showed them how Christ fulfills the sacrifice for the sins of His sheep and because of that there was no need for the Aaronic priesthood to be restored. Then I took them to Melchizidek and we talked about who he was and how Christ holds that office alone as a High Priest after the order of Melchizidek. Again the central point being that with a High Priest like Christ and a sacrifice as perfect as the one of Christ, what need do we have for a human priesthood and a restored temple? They honestly had no answers for me.

I did get a commitment from them to come back next Tuesday. I hope to make this a more or less weekly thing, we figure that with them moving in and out of this area and splitting with other missionaries we should have the chance to impact 12-15 missionaries a year at least. I don't expect any of them to come to Christ and leave mormonism on their mission, but I do hope to plant a seed that will flourish later on and get some contact info from them so I can stay in touch with these young men. I am hoping that they call for reinforcements so I can meet some members in the area and talk to them. I am sort of considering going on a fast and testimony Sunday so I could get up with an open mike and declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ...

Pray for these young men, who I will not name specifically, that God will use our visits to show them the lie of mormonism and that through our interaction I can show them the better way that is found by simple faith in the grace of Christ.

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