Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buggy Whip Restoration

Imagine this scene if you can. Everyone knows that General Motors is in big trouble. They are desperate for cash and to revitalize their business. So the CEO Rick Wagoner announces they are bringing in a management guru who is going to teach them how to transform their business model. The man walks in and introduces himself as John Yoder, and he kind of sticks out in the room full of tailored business suits because he is wearing Amish homespun overalls, a straw hat and a plain shirt. Mr. Yoder addresses the board of directors and declares that their problems are over. The solution to the domestic automotive industry is simple: go back to manufacturing buggy whips! The problems in the auto industry prove that cars were just a bad idea from the get go, so out with the internal combustion engine and in with horse and buggy. What’s old is new again!

This is kind of a crude analogy of the premise behind mormonism but I think it makes the point. Joseph Smith and his followers promised to restore the church, the New Testament church reflecting the New Covenant in the blood of Christ, by returning to Old Testament, Old Covenant types and shadows. You know what’ll fix the church? Temples. Yeah, and prophets! Throw in some priests! That’s the ticket! That is an undoing of the Gospel and a return to the untenable system of works and obedience righteousness that mankind failed to keep. Mormon leaders say this stuff with a straight face and never get challenged from within except by a few dissidents who are in peril of excommunication because of their questioning of the “prophet”. There are plenty of Biblical references sprinkled throughout mormon doctrine but there is no semblance of the New Testament church, the ascension of Christ as prophet, priest & king, of justification by faith, of propitiation for sins at the cross. Mormonism cannot appeal to the New Testament for its source of theology. It cannot appeal to the New Testament ecclesiology to affirm its hierarchical, authoritarian human “priesthood” driven organization. It cannot even appeal to the New Testament to speak to the nature of God the Father, of His only Begotten Son Jesus Christ or the lostness of sinful man.

All that is left is a polytheistic paganism couched in Biblical terminology. Buggy whips will not save General Motors and a return to the Old Covenant will not reform the very real problems in the church.


Leonard said...

Hello Arthur, nice post, followed you here from Joel's,"Grace roots", my name is Leonard, I reside in Traverse city. Nice to meet you.
Best to you and yours

Arthur Sido said...

We just moved down from Petoskey where it REALLY snows! Nice to meet you as well!

Leonard said...

Smart move...

yep we've really been getting hammered this year so far, lots more than last year.

ncultra said...

That's an absurd analogy. A better one would have the management consultant tell GM to focus on basic first principles (faith, repentance, baptism), to become more accountable to the consumer (make and keep covenants), and to engineer vehicles with more reliability, integrity and durability (modern scripture re-enforcing ancient scripture, more complete theology).

The correct analogy would have the consultant end corporate practices that rely on baroque intrigue and machiavellian politics and to RESTORE a culture of service and mutual altruism (LDS service doctrine as taught in the Book of Mormon, lay clergy, individual households having the holy priesthood).

Finally, the correct analogy would have the consultant provide GM with a multi-billion dollar no-strings grant to finance the REBIRTH of the corporation into a new body, capable of thriving in the future. (The doctrine of salvation through Christ). He would provide the corporate employees with and endownment of power through an advanced training course that will increase their effectiveness and focus them on long-term goals (the Temple Endowment).

Your buggy-whip analogy basically sucks and is too superficial to have any meaning. I wonder how you can keep your face straight. Just because you claim to be a former Mormon does not mean you ever understood the doctrine.

Arthur Sido said...


I will give you credit that you actually spent some time on your response. Unfortunately you skipped the substance beneath the humor. Mormon doctrines deny the very Gospel of Jesus Christ, replacing them with the doctrines of man. The temple has been made obsolete at the cross. The weak priesthood of men has been replaced by the priesthood of the great High Priest Jesus Christ. The need for human revelation has ended, completed in the revealed Gospel of Christ. Everything that mormonism takes pride in: temples, prophets, priesthood all are obsolete and cheap fakes of the real thing. The million dollar temples that dot the globe are white washed tombs. The prophets in SLC are wolves among sheep. The priesthood is powerless and Gospel-less.

Actually, I understand the doctrines of mormonism a lot better now that I don't have the "prophet" telling me what to think. The "modern scriptures" you rely on don't reinforce the true Scriptures, they contradict them. That is a huge difference. The "covenants" you make in the "temple" are nothing like the New Covenant in the blood of Christ that is promised us in Jeremiah 31 and fulfilled at the cross.

Do you think I am lying about being a former mormon? Believe me, having been deceived by mormonism is not something I am proud of. In fact it was a humbling experience for me when God changed my prideful heart and I discovered that I had been an idolator and a polytheist. I can show you the certificate where we made were involved in a pagan ceremony in the Washington D.C. "temple" if you doubt me.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe in miracles?

Arthur Sido said...

Thankful Paul,

Sure I do. My salvation is a miracle.

steve martin said...

Is GM the reason that mormons don't have crosses on the roofs of their buildings?

My pastor says that they ought put ladders up there instead of that goofy moroni thingy.

Arthur Sido said...

Steve, the reason mormons don't use crosses is that they deny that that atonement for sin happened there, instead holding to a weird idea that in Gethsemane is where the atonement took place.

steve martin said...

Thanks Arthur Sido!

- Steve