Sunday, January 4, 2009

Great Video!

This is a great little video by James White. Intro music is a little hokey, but otherwise good stuff on the core question: Is mormonism Christian?


FrGregACCA said...

Here'a a sound byte for ya (not from the video, original with me):

"Mormonism is right-wing, patriarchal neo-paganism covered over with a thin Christian veneer."

Arthur Sido said...

Well I am patriarchal and right-wing too, just without the paganism!

FrGregACCA said...

I'll continue to pray for you, Art ;-).

The main point of the above is that, while neo-paganism is generally identified with a certain kind of "left-wing" [matriarchal] feminism, that ain't always the case, and certainly not when it comes to Mormonism. Another well-known example of such neo-paganism was that practiced by many high-ranking Nazis.

Arthur Sido said...

Well mormonism certainly is rioght-wing. One of the things we found initially appealing about it was that everyone was so very conservative, well dressed and well mannered, patriotic, etc. All fine things to be sure but a pretty poor reason to choose a faith. But it certainly is a paganism of a sort. What is incredible is how much it can be made to sound superficially like Christianity while the underpinnings are blasphemous and unrecognizable from the Biblical text describing the nature of God, man, sin, etc.