Monday, March 16, 2009

What goes on in the temple?

This is the controversial video from the HBO show "Big Love" and while it is a bit off, it captures the utter creepiness of what went on in the temple. What this and you will see why the mormon church is so adamant about keeping the temple ceremony under wraps.

Embarrassing Mormon Temple Ceremony as Shown by HBO

In the spirit of equal time, watch the response from the mormon church, explaining why they build temples

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S.Faux said...

One person's creepiness can be another's sacredness. An example is Jesus being crucified on the cross (which by the way, Mormons regard as a crucial part of the atonement).

Arthur, you may be interested in my essay: "Exposing Sacred Temple Practice Violates Professional Standards."

Arthur Sido said...

I am sure that is true. Lots of religions have ceremonies and rituals held in secret that I and others would no doubt find disturbing. Of course the big difference is that while Jesus was crucified in public for all to see, and His cross is described in detail in the Bible for all to read, the temple ceremony is hidden behind secrecy and oaths.

Jessica Hicks said...

Thanks for your post on Mormon Coffee. I am an ex-mormon too and I felt so guilty and terrible for feeling the way I did after getting my endowment so it's really nice to know that someone else felt the same way.

gloria said...

I thought that HBO did a very nice job with the temple ceremony. It was very respectful, I liked the music in the backround and very acurate.

In this day and age, how can LDS expect to keep things secretive anymore?

And just because it is exposed, it doesn't mean that it can't be sacred for those who choose it to be.

There is nothing in my faith that is "sercret" or kept secret from the world.

Where is the biblical teaching that says that certain things should be secretive?

This practice of secrecy stems from masonic ritual that also swears it's initiates to secrecy.

Satan is the father of lies and secrets. He is always hiding in the backround hiding.

When I went thru the temple endowment, I was not told not one thing I would do. This is wrong. Initiates should know what they are getting themselves into, prior to going. They should have knowledge of exactly what is going to happen so they can choose.

LDS initiates going to the temple for the first time are clueless, they are led their and not told ahead of time what will be expected. This is so wrong!

I believe the LDS church does this, because given a choice if a person is told about the washings and annointings, the endowment, etc. they would not go. Maybe a certain amount would go but I believe many would not. I know I wouldn't have.

If it's the truth why hide it?
If it's the truth why be offended and so irate when people ask questions about the temple?

What are they hiding?

They are hiding practices that are so odd and interesting that if they would reveal it to the world most would not join the LDS.

LDS missionaries should tell their converts what to expect . It is wrong to not tell them the temple rituals and other 'meatier' mormon doctrines. It's deceptive and it's wrong.

I went to the temple weekly, until one day I realize that the apron that LDS are told to put on is a symbol of the fig leaves that satan told adam and eve to put on themselves. It was at that point that i realized I was truly involved in a dark work.

Satan is great at counterfitting......

May God open the eyes of the LDS and lead them to the truth in Christ,

former mormon sold out for Jesus!