Saturday, May 23, 2009

A new blog you should check out!

Musings on Mormonism: Response to a comment from an LDS reader

Gloria, who like me was saved out of mormonism and like me has a big family (even bigger than ours!), has been writing some excellent thoughts on mormonism at her new blog, Musings on Mormonism. You should check it out!


gloria said...

Hi, arthur. Thanks for getting the word out on my blog. I pray daily or God to lead me and guide me as to what to blog and write about. The more LDS readers the better. :)

God bless you!


Latayne C Scott said...

Arthur, I contacted Gloria. You're right, her site looks very thoughtful and thought-provoking!

I very much appreciate your comment on Zondervan's Koinoia blog. Did you know that you can get a free copy of The Mormon Mirage at if you'd like to participate in a blog tour on June 30?

Also, your site is very interesting and I really appreciate it. Would you consider writing at least a couple of posts for my column, "365 Reasons Why I Won't Return to the Mormon Church"? It's on my blog,

I'm so glad to be introduced to Gloria and also to make your acquaintance. I appreciate your ministry so much.

Your sister,
Latayne C Scott