Friday, October 30, 2009

Abandoning the Gospel to win political fights

I read an article about the effort by some in the evangelical movement to "dialogue" with mormons. The article in Christianity Today presented a very disturbing and sobering statistics in response to the question "Are Mormons Christian?" :

Evangelical Protestants

No 45%
Don't know 15%
Yes 40%

Mainline Protestants

No 23%
Don't know 15%
Yes 62%

Black Protestants

No 30%
Don't know 27%
Yes 43%

I found the 43% yes from black Protestants troubling given mormonism teaching that their black skin is a curse and that until the late seventies when political pressure became too great, blacks were unable to become full members of the mormon church (in that they were unable to hold "the priesthood" and not permitted to do temple work). What these stats tells us is two fold. First, many Christians are completely unequipped and undiscerning to the point that they don't realize that a religion that teaches that God the Father is an "exalted man" that has a body of flesh and bones and that Jesus Christ is a created being and the brother of Satan cannot by nature be a "Christian" religion. Second, it shows us that in the effort to win the culture war, we are allowing ourselves to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For example, check this very honest quote:

One undoubted factor in the search for better relations is that evangelicals and Mormons today unite on various moral issues and feel on the defensive, especially in shared opposition to same-sex marriage. Whatever differences they may have about the nature of God, "when you've been in the trenches together, it often generates new respect," said evangelical attorney David French, who leads the Alliance Defense Fund's (ADF) campus religious freedom project. "The LDS commitment to core values is one that betters our country, without question."

Better to lose the culture war than to put the cross of Christ to shame and deny the Gospel.


handmaiden said...

It's too bad that the true meaning of the cause of Christ is being ruined by the Mormon religion. I too was Mormon, born and raised. Now I spend most of my time exposing the truth. God Bless, handmaiden

gloria said...

Dear Handmaiden--

So glad to "meet" another former Mormon won over by our precious Lord! Hallelujah!

Just had to say "hello" from another former mormon, now sold out for the Lord!

God bless,

Charlene said...

I was one of the 15% in the first category until pretty recently. I suspected they weren't Christian, but didn't many I talked to casually sounded so close to what we believed. In my case, it wasn't so much that I didn't know my scripture, as I had no clue what they really believed (and didn't want tso ask for fear of them trying to convert me, which I knew I wasn't interested in). It wasn't until reading your blog, actually, that I finally had some concrete proof of what I'd felt for years but wasn't really sure about. So thank you for that!