Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dissension in the ranks!

Had the boys over tonight. The one missionary has been the same one who comes every week but they were on splits tonight and he brought the zone leader with him. I think the zone leader was getting mad at him, especially when I got the other missionary to say that the index and topical guide in the book of mormon were "inspired". We spent a lot of time on justification tonight and even wandered into predestination and election. I gave the zone leader a bunch of Scriptures to look up. I was sure to schedule next Tuesday night with the primary missionary because I was a little concerned that the zone leader would forbid them from coming back to talk to us. Good talk, got to share the Gospel with these young men and pray for them.

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gloria said...


I love what you re doing for these missionaries!! They so need to hear the good news!!!

God bless,