Saturday, October 3, 2009

News from the latest missionary visit

We had a very good meeting last night with the missionaries. We spent most of our time talking about the priesthood. I think I managed to demonstrate that a human "priesthood authority" was completely absent from the New Testament and I also tried to plant the seeds of the idea that not only is that "priesthood authority" absent, it actually flies in the face of the entire idea of the New Covenant and Christ as our High Priest

We also asked lots of questions about how they live and how odd and isolating it seems. The one missionary especially was clearly not happy about the living arrangements that are designed to keep missionaries isolated. When you have no one to develop personal relationships too, you tend to rely on your companion and when you have doubts you talk to the other guy who has invested two years of his life in a mission.

I am going to the "priesthood session" tonight. I am hoping it provides me the chance to ask lots of questions again. One of the missionaries is moving on to a new area and the newer guy is staying, so he will be back with his new companion on Tuesday to go through their "Plan of Salvation" lesson. I am going to try to keep my mouth shut while they go through it and leave them with lots of follow-up questions. Please pray for these two young men and for all of the young men who are trapped in mormonism, working so hard to please God but instead proclaiming a false gospel. These zealous, sincere, nice young men are as lost as a Hindu in India or a Muslim in Saudi Arabia and they need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ just like any other lost person. Pray that God will raise up bold and faithful people to witness to them.


Bethany W. said...


I am just curious how these Mormon missionaries view you. Do they know your background? Do they think they can win you back?

I think what you are doing is great. I do not have the nerve to take on people at my door. I am not rude to them, but neither do I invite them in (much less send for a book of Mormon just to have them come to me!)

I think that it is great that your kids will see you interacting/dialoguing with varying faiths!


gloria said...

Way to go, arthur!!!!!!