Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Report from the missionaries

Had another good visit with the missionaries. They brought help along in the form of a couple from church. The guy was a teacher of the Gospel Principles class (and gave me his copy!)

I felt kind of bad for one of the missionaries, the newer guy. He was the senior missionary and was leading the lesson and by the end he was in a lather because I was riding him like Seabiscuit. I was trying to let him get through his lesson, the first one "The Plan of Salvation" but I kept having to interrupt him to ask questions or call him on something he said. It was the firts official lesson we went through, normally we were just going over particular issues like the "priesthood". I was afraid I came on too strong but they are coming again next week, with a different companion on splits with them so we will get a chance to talk with another of these lost young men. I would ask for your prayers for them and for all of these earnest but lost young men around the world.


Anonymous said...

Darn. I wish you lived in Nashville and I would give you as a referral to my daughter who just arrived there for her mission. I pray that she will meet someone there who will lovingly turn her away from Joseph Smith and back to Jesus Christ.

gloria said...

Dear Anonymous ~~

pray for your daughter! When I was serving my LDS mission, I had many in my family praying for me . Eventhough I didn't know it at the time!! 19 yrs later I was won over by the Lord Jesus & left the LDS church. It does happen and it can happen for your daughter!
Keep hoping and keep praying!