Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Building a mall for the glory of God!

Watch this video on the new $1.5 billion temple of affluence that the mormon church is building in Salt Lake City! Gotta love a church that has "investments" sufficient to bankroll a $1.5 billion development.


gloria said...

It makes me ill to see this kind of $$ spent when there are so many poor ... in and out of the LDS church. Just think if they took some of that $$ and built a homeless shelter in downtown SLC or better yet, turn the JSM building into a shelter and soup kitchen. Now, that would be something, eh?!


OBdaDA said...

Gloria'S commenT sorTa riNgs TruE w/mE,,,

^*althougH i'M noT a "SociaL worKs ChristiaN"

btw:Fo-Mo= BLeSS yoU aNd yoUR BLoG