Friday, March 12, 2010

Um, Glenn....hate to break this to you...

Glenn Beck has caused something of a controversy over something he said. Nothing new there. This time the controversy is coming from Mr. Beck's call for Christians to "flee" churches that advocate "social justice". Here is Glenn 'splaining himself (emphasis added):

GLENN: For the love of Pete. Marx started in 19 1848. All of this stuff started percolating, all of Nietzsche comes along, everything, it's redistribution of wealth. I've told you this, the progressive movement started with people like Woodrow Wilson whose father was a preacher! They perverted Christianity! "The concept is that Christians should not merely give to the poor but also work to correct unjust conditions that keep people poor." Yes! You're exactly right. We should as Christians do that. But then there's that added little step of having the government do it, not you. "Many Christians consider it a reoccurring theme in scripture. Mr. Beck himself is a convert to Mormonism, a faith that identifies itself as part of the Christian family but nevertheless rejected by many Christians. Philip Barlow, Arrington professor of Mormon history and culture at Utah State University said one way to read the book of Mormon is a fast track on social justice." Yes, that is one way to read it.

A couple of problems here. First, Glenn can’t speak in this way “We should as Christians do…” Just like I can’t say “We should as Norwegians” or “ we should as NBA players”, Glenn has no place in speaking of our common solidarity in Christ when we don’t believe in the same Christ.

Second, while I would certainly discourage someone from being associated with a local church that was committed to “social justice” (defined as government programs that use confiscatory taxation and coercion to enact wealth redistribution ), I am far more concerned with people fleeing a church that teach that God was once a man, that men can become gods, that polygamy is an everlasting commandment and that Jesus Christ and Satan are brothers. Glenn Beck has the level of standing to give advice to Christians as a Muslim, Hindu or atheist. Christians need to be discerning and recognize that whatever merit Mr. Beck's political rantings might have, he is lost in a pseudo-Christian cult and none of his religious advice is worth a hill of beans.

Glenn, if anyone should be fleeing their church it is you!


Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. It is so true that whatever Glen Beck says about Christianity has to be taken with a grain of salt because he is a member of a cult that denies who our Lord is and has a totally different God that he worships. God bless, Lloyd

Estase said...

Which Christ does Beck believe in? Beck wasn't even raised Mormon, so it can't be argued he was given a flawed idea of God from the start.

Endangered Species said...


As someone who was born and raised in the Mormon church I can tell you that Lloyds line that Mormons are a cult that denies the Christian God is a load of garbage.

Frankly I have some serious reservations about the Mormon church as well, but it is no more a cult than the Envangelical "livin on a prayer" carpetbaggers who shame themselves like the merchants violating the temple that provoked Jesus' wrath.

Again, I have serious issues with Mormonism. But say what you will, these are the facts. The Mormon church promotes a wholsome family lifestyle highly focused on love and children. It also does HUGE charitible humanitarian things all over the world, and the assertion that it still engages in poligamy is a bold faced lie.

I think Joseph Smith was more of a profeteer than a Prophet. But dont let that cloud your judgment about those who carry their bibles into those churches. And yes, they are the same King James version of the Bible that most Christian denominations adhere to. Most of them are good God fearing people. Christian God. And any christian worthy of the title wouldnt lump christians into the same catagory as pagans. It is appauling to me.

Ive been to nearly every state in the lower 48 and seen good people from all walks of life. I try to respect them all as I would have them do unto me. After all, any "christian" knows, none of us should be the ones to cast the first stone.

Arthur Sido said...


I spent my time in the mormon church as well and I can tell you that it bears no more resemblance to Christianity than Islam. Perhaps even less. As far as its cult status, that comes from its denial of core truths of the Gospel as well as the methods it uses to control people through fear of leaving. Ever wonder why so many mormons are "inactive"? It is because they are afraid of being labeled apostates and condemned to outer darkness. The measure of the truth of a faith is not in how many charitable works it does, it is in where it places its faith. Christianity places its faith in Christ. Mormonism places its faith in "prophets", men who have been shown to be scoundrels. One cannot help but lump a polytheistic faith like mormonism into paganism because it certainly is not describing the God of the Bible.

RKBentley said...

They say politics makes strange bedfellows. I think because many Christians are politically conservative, they tend to give Glenn a pass on his religious views. I was shocked to hear he would be speaking at Liberty's commencement. To have a Mormon speaking at a Baptist, Christian college commencement should be a scandal.

Keep up the good work. God bless!!


Arthur Sido said...


That is my point exactly. When we place political allegiance over Gospel allegiance, something is tragically wrong.