Friday, June 4, 2010

A testimony you should check out

In New Horizons ,the magazine of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, is an article titled Mormonism and the Gospel. The article is the testimony of Jody Morris who grew up as a devout mormon but was saved by Christ after moving out of his mormon home. He is now a pastor in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. It is a great testimony to the sovereign saving power of God and it places the focus where it should be, not on Jody but on Christ and what He has done. It is a testimony of God’s grace, grace that is greater than all our sins.

I liked this a lot:

Sure, Mormons have their version of an atonement and forgiveness. They believe that Jesus died for sin, but in my experience their version of the atonement was unable to make me right with God. It only made it possible for me to make myself right with God.

That really captures one half of the glaring problem with the mormon notion of salvation. Mormon theology tells you all about being a sin and a failure but doesn’t give you a way to deal with it. The atonement as mormons understand is all about helping me to reconcile myself to God rather than the Biblical model which tells us how God has reconciled us to Himself. In mormonism it God saving us after all we can do, in other words we save ourselves as much as we can and then Jesus fills in the gap. The other half of the problem with atonement in mormonism is of course a faulty doctrine of God, specifically Jesus Christ. The Jesus of mormonism can only help you save yourself because He is insufficient and inadequate to do any more than that. A Jesus that is like you in nature, even if He is older and wiser, is hardly going to be able to save to the uttermost. He is more of a big brother helping us out because He has been there and done that. He is different from us in age and in experience but little else.

I would encourage you, especially if you are a mormon, to consider what Jody has written. I always love to hear stories of God’s grace rescuing people out of any false belief system but especially mormonism. Our God is great and He is able to save any of us, even those of us who are certain that we don’t need saving!

Now if we can just get Pastor Jody to stop baptizing babies…

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