Saturday, July 10, 2010

Glenn Beck: Refuting bad theology with even worse theology!

So Glenn Beck took recently took President Obama to task over his view of "collective salvation". I honestly haven't ever heard Obama use that phrase or even anything vaguely like it. Leave to it Beck to weasel in some mormon doctrine to "refute" Obama....

GLENN: Collective salvation, unless we all are saved, none will be saved, okay? Jesus came to save you, okay? Let me just give you the — real quick, you've got to take it back, you've got to take it back to the war in heaven. War in heaven with the angels and everything else, and they have this war and Lucifer says, "I'm going to save all of them. Just give me the glory." And God says, no, I don't think so. And he selects, he selects the plan of Christ which, I'm going to send a savior down and he will save each individual, okay? That's why he's — that's why God came — that's why, you know, God came down and saved the — saved us all because of individual salvation. You accept the atonement of Jesus Christ and you are saved. Collective salvation is, I can't be saved on my own, I can't be. I have to make sure and ensure everyone else's salvation and then we're all saved together.

Beck blithely reiterates the mormon doctrine of the "council in heaven" where our older brothers Jesus and Satan had a family spat over how mankind would be saved. Apparently God the Father gave an equal hearing to the competing views and chose Christ's plan. If you think that this whole notion of Jesus and Satan being brothers and God letting them present competing plans for how to save humanity like He was taking bids from contractors to build a porch doesn't sound quite right, you are correct! Satan was never in the planning process, God wasn't interested in his opinion on how to save mankind and Jesus is NOT the brother of Satan. Meanwhile, lots of Christians still want to link arms with Beck because he is supposed to be the latest, greatest conservative leader.

I can't help but wonder how many people who attend church every Sunday would even catch what Beck was saying and realize it was completely wrong?


Mark said...

No being familiar with mormon teaching, probably very few. It is scary, because these people have their guard down. I think sometimes (many times) Christians don't have very good discernment.

Victoria said...

Satan and Jesus aren't brothers. :) Jesus is God and Satan is a created being..