Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A great post on the dangers of supporting Romney

Many Evangelicals are suspicious of Mitt Romney and for good reason. His meandering positions are troubling. His awkward and confused defense of Romney-care while condemning Obama-care is laughable and would provide ammo to Obama in debates and advertisements if Romney becomes the nominee. Of course there is also his mormonism. As a member of what most evangelicals consider to be a cult, Romney’s judgment is highly suspect. I read a great article today by Warren Cole Smith detailing the dangers of supporting Romney, A Vote for Romney Is a Vote for the LDS Church. That is a blunt and bold statement but I think it is true in many ways. I think this paragraph is a great insight into why Romney shouldn’t be supported….

What Weyrich understood was that you can't have it "both ways" when it comes to Romney's faith. You can't say that his religious beliefs don't matter, but his "values" do. The Christian worldview teaches that there is a short tether binding beliefs to the values and behaviors that flow from them. If the beliefs are false, then the behavior will eventually—but inevitably—be warped. Mormonism is particularly troubling on this point because Mormons believe in the idea of "continuing revelation." They may believe one thing today, and something else tomorrow. This is why Mormons have changed their views, for example, on marriage and race. Polygamy was once a key distinctive of the religion. Now, of course, it is not. Mormons once forbade blacks from leadership roles. Now they do not. What else will change?
That is simply excellent and gets to the heart of mormonism. There is no settled and unchanging ground that mormonism rests upon other than anything is up for grabs based on what the latest prophet has to say. Little wonder that when mormons talk about their beliefs, they don’t stand on propositional truths about God, they focus on their church and their prophets in spite of the ever changing stances of mormonism. Polygamy is an eternal commandment! Whoops, that changed! Blacks cannot hold the priesthood! Oh, that is socially unacceptable and God changed His mind! This is the revealed design of the garment! Well fashions have changed and God has changed along with it! Romney shows some of those same signs in his public policy, as if he is also receiving “continuing revelation” that explains some of his major policy flip flops.

As Mr. Smith points out, mormon “values” do seem similar to Christian values but the underlying theology is a perversion. When your view of God is as skewed as what mormonism teaches, all of the resulting beliefs are likewise going to be flawed.

Having said all of that, Romney is, politically speaking, a huge improvement over Obama but there is a real danger that Romney will do the same thing that Glenn Beck is seeking to do writ large, i.e. normalize relations and cozying up with Christians by joining forces against political liberalism. Having abandoned the frontal assault against Christianity, mormonism seeks to normalize relationships, minimizing the differences and finding political common ground to entice people in. Christians need to recognize this for what it is and call it out where it occurs. When compared to the loss of an eternal soul, lower taxes suddenly don’t seem all that important.

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