Monday, August 8, 2011

What about this?

Rachel Held Evans, a fairly well known Christian blogress and author invited a mormon lady, Jana Riess, to field some questions on her blog: Ask a Mormon...(Jana responds). Questions were typically pretty much fluff questions with Jana Riess getting to answer them without a hint of anyone suggesting that she was not telling the whole truth. For example:

From Ellen: Can you list several core beliefs that you hold in common with other Christians? Can you list several core beliefs of Mormonism that are different (either subtly or hugely) than those held by other Christians?

One shared core belief is that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for our sins, and that his atonement makes it possible for humanity to be reconciled to God. This is why Mormons so stubbornly insist that we are Christians, even though we’re not Trinitarians. But for many Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christians, belief in the Trinity is the dividing line that determines whether a person can be considered a Christian.
That is pretty disingenuous. The aberration that is mormon theology is more than "just" denial of the Trinity, although that alone is sufficient to warrant the charge of heresy. It goes much deeper than that into the very nature of God as a created being and Christ as the same as Satan in terms of the nature of His being. To suggest that Christians and mormons alike hold that Jesus is "the Son of God" when I assume she knows full well how disparate the definitions of that title are between Christians and mormons is tantamount to an outright lie.

Here is my question. Is this a proper way of addressing mormonism? Giving a mormon apologist free reign to answer a series of soft ball questions with no clarification on terminology? I should hope that people reading Rachel's blog don't come away with the impression that mormonism is just a slight variation of Christianity. I am afraid that Rachel is letting her shared sense of egalitarianism with Ms. Riess color her judgment.

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