Thursday, May 31, 2012

Who Is Afraid Of The Truth?

Apparently a lot of mormons on Facebook. A bunch of Christians I know, notably Aaron Shafovaloff, Rocki and Helen Hulse, a few other Facebook friends that are former mormons and several ministry pages have been incessantly harassed by mormons who flag their material as inappropriate leading to Facebook blocking material and banning individuals. This is nothing less than attempting to muzzle the free speech of individuals and avoid having the truth about mormonism hitting the public square.

Mormons apologists are awfully bold when no one challenges them but when faced with a solid argument they fold like a house of cards. In the past they would always retreat with some sort of statement about a "spirit of contention". Now they just try to silence and intimidate people engaged in free speech to avoid having the truth come out. That tactic should tell you a lot about how weak their arguments are.