Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trading one lie for another

I read something both interesting and sad this morning, I Was a Good Mormon Wife ... Until My Husband Stopped Believing in God. The author, Maren Stephenson, sounds like the prototypical young mormon wife. While we were older when we joined, I understand the mindset she had:

I was only 19 on the day we were sealed for eternity, the wet snow blowing into our faces as we exited the Portland, Ore., temple. I imagined a life of Church service, my husband at my side as we finished our BYU degrees, raised our children, and served missions together in our old age. On the night we got engaged, we struck a deal. “I’ll get you to heaven,” I said. “But you have to keep me here on earth.”

That is mormonism in a nutshell. A nice, neat life of being good mormons and an eternity as gods. Just stop thinking and do as you are told and everything is planned out for you. My wife and I had similar dreams until the lies of mormonism came to light. In this case her husband stopped believing not just in mormonism but God in general, an all too often outcome. Marne followed her husband into unbelief. She traded the lie of mormonism for the lie of "freedom" from God. For so many mormons faith outside of mormonism is unthinkable and many mormons who discover the truth about mormonism simply walk away into unbelief. Either way, the enemy is pleased.

I read this story with sadness and yet I also am profoundly reminded that outside of the grace of God my wife and I could be in the same boat, free from mormonism but still trapped in the bondage of sin. I pray that God will save the Stephenson's just as He saved us. True freedom is not found in drinking coffee or buying different underwear, it is only found by resting in Christ and calling Him Lord.

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